Greenhounds News

  • Greenhounds Bringing Comfort and Creating Smiles

    You may have read our news item about Greenhound Bobby who qualified as a Delta Therapy Dog last year. Since then, there are now several more Greenhounds who are bringing comfort and creating smiles by visiting hospitals and retirement homes.
  • Bobby First Greenhound Therapy Dog

    Pet therapy (also known as animal-assisted therapy) is a general term for therapeutic activities involving animals as companions or visitors to the sick, elderly or disabled.
  • Greenhounds Get The Green Light From Pet Owners

    Since the launch of Greenhounds on 25th October, there have been some very positive responses received via email and facebook and some great stories in the media. Here’s what some people have had to say.
  • Goodbye To Muzzles As Greyhounds Become Greenhounds

    NSW Local Government Minister Don Page today unveiled a new program which will allow pet greyhounds to become muzzle free in public places.