Owner Responsibilities

Designated Off-Leash Dog Areas

A Greenhound is not required by law to wear a muzzle when in a designated off-leash dog area provided it is wearing the approved Greenhound collar and tag. The required tag needs to be attached to the Greenhound collar. When a Greenhound collar is issued, it will include a tag engraved with the last six digits of the greyhound's microchip number.

When In Public

Off-Leash Dog Parks

A Greenhound is not required by law to wear a lead when in a designated council off-leash area unless stipulated by the particular council. However, the Greenhound must be wearing its approved collar and be under effective control on a leash by a competent person. If you do wish to pursue off-lead activities with your Greenhound, please ensure that it is in a fully fenced area to mitigate risk.

When in a designated council off-leash area, the competent person is responsible for controlling the Greenhounds behaviour which includes ensuring the Greenhound is not in breach of any other provisions in the Companion Animals Act 1998. For example, an offence may be committed if your dog rushes at, attacks, bites, harasses or chases any person or animal. Please also note that a Greenhound muzzle exemption can be revoked at any time if deemed necessary.

Greenhounds reminds all Greenhound owners that it is their responsibility as a dog owner to assess the risks and give careful consideration in determining whether to allow your Greenhound to be off-leash and unmuzzled in a designated council off-leash area each time.