Interstate Greyhounds

Greyhounds permanently relocating to NSW who have passed a Greyhound Adoption Program National Temperament Test (GAPNTT) and obtained a muzzle exemption in another Australian state are eligible to apply for a Greenhound collar. 


Such greyhounds are not required to complete an additional re-training program or assessment and can be issued with a Greenhound collar if the following is provided -

  • Certificate of Registration under the Companions Animals Act for the greyhound; 
  • Proof of de-sexing of the greyhound (unless registered with Dogs NSW (Royal NSW Canine Council) for the purposes of showing); and
  • Documentary evidence that the greyhound has passed a GAPNTT in another state in the form of the original documentation or a declaration from the issuing body.

Please note, upon being approved for a muzzling exemption in NSW, a greyhound must wear the NSW Greenhound collar, not the green collar from another issuing state.

Unfortunately, there is no allowance for greyhounds visiting NSW temporarily to be muzzle exempt in designated off-leash dog areas.

For further information and to obtain the relevant forms, owners should contact Greenhounds here.