Why a Greyhound? A veterinarian's view…

Dr Liz O'Connor tells us why she thinks greyhounds make such great pets.
Why a Greyhound? A veterinarian's view…

As a veterinarian having worked with so many people and their animals over the last 20 years, I have come to a conclusion that without a doubt greyhounds are a most suitable breed of dog for Aussie families. On all fronts they trump other breeds. They have a gentle and placid nature that makes them such a pleasure as a pet. It is very rare to have behavioural problems with this breed, as they are very mentally sound. They are free of most heritable disorders I see regularly as a veterinarian. These common problems are not present in the greyhound, due to careful breeding for their performance as an athlete.

They are very accepting of even the most basic uneducated leadership from humans.

There are many other practical benefits  to this breed which leaves it way above others in my recommendations to those considering a dog.

They have very short and fine hair coats ,which means they loose very little hair, and have minimal grooming needs and associated costs.

They prefer to sleep when their owners are not at  home, rather than destroy the house, due to their relaxed and easy going nature.

My own greyhounds live happily with a cat and six chooks. There is never a problem when the dogs are gently shown what to do’, or not to do, they have a natural instinct for compliance with your desires. Mine enjoy the walk to the chook shed daily to collect eggs, and then I let the hens out to graze with no fuss at all.

They are the only breed I know that naturally don’t pull on the lead, and are normally very friendly with other dogs.

Most overlook them because of their size and a lack of understanding of their nature, and this is very unfortunate as they are missing a truly magnificent relationship.

They avoid all of the weight, and most of the arthritis problems that our normal canine friends suffer with especially in their senior years.

Overall in my opinion they are a very much misunderstood and under rated dog. They make truly unbelievable family members with their warmth and gentleness.

I cannot recommend them more strongly as the best choice with all things considered about owning a dog.”

Dr Liz O’Connor- Approved Greenhound Assessor, Owner and Head Veterinarian at Avoca Drive Animal Hospital.