Taking Your Greenhound on Holidays

Thinking about hitting the road with your Greenhound? Well here are some great tips to keep in mind!
Taking Your Greenhound on Holidays

Whether it’s just for the day or for an extended trip, here are some quick things to consider before you pack everyone into the car and drive off into the sunset...

1)      Make sure your contact details are up-to-date.

Be sure to update both your Greenhound’s tag details as well as your contact details with your local council if you have moved or changed phone numbers since registering your dog. The last thing you would want is to have your Greenhound lost in an unfamiliar environment with outdated contact details. A print out of his/her registration details and statement that they are muzzle exempt may be handy if travelling to locations where rangers may not be up-to-date on their knowledge of recent muzzling exemptions.

2)      Have your Greenhounds’ vaccinations, flea, worming & tick treatments up-to-date.

Remember that you are most likely bringing your dog into an unknown environment where there might be other dogs & animals that are potentially carrying a host of different diseases. You may also be travelling to an area where there might be a high flea and or tick prevalence, especially in the more humid holiday locations.

Prevention is better than cure! You don’t want to end up spending your holidays waiting anxiously at the emergency vet clinic because your dog has picked up a paralysis tick.

Also handy to have is a copy of their most recent vaccination certificate as some pet-friendly accommodation may request this as part of their requirements.  

3)      Contact details (and opening hours) of the local vet

If you are bringing your Greenhound with you for a couple of days, it always pays off having the contact details of the local vet clinic in the area just in case. Hopefully you won’t need it, however if your pooch happens to require veterinary attention during your holiday, you’ll know where the closest clinic is. A print out of your dog’s medical history, if they have one, is something that is helpful for the vet to review before treating your dog.  

4)      Pack holiday supplies for your Greenhound

The family dog often gets overlooked when bags and supplies get packed for a holiday. Remember to pack leads, doggy poo bags, portable bowls, water, enough food for the duration of the trip, a coat (if required), familiar bedding, toys & treats along with old towels, brushes etc. Familiarities for dogs when in an unfamiliar environment will help them settle easier; don’t be too surprised if your dog shows signs of stress that affects their behaviour and or digestive patterns.  If you are going to a location where you know there is a high population of pet dogs, it is recommended that you bring your Greenhound’s muzzle.

In an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar dogs, it is always wiser to be prepared.

5)      Check the conditions of the “pet friendly” accommodation you will be staying at.

Even though some places may advertise themselves as being ‘pet friendly’, it is highly recommended that you call up and specify that you will be bringing a greyhound/Greenhound and your expectations as some facilities may have restrictions on dog size and or breeds. Some facilities may also not allow pets to be indoors or may require a bond.

6)      Be aware of dog restricted areas

Remember that domestic dogs & cats are banned from National Parks, Nature Reserves, Aboriginal areas & State Recreation Areas. There are some forests that allow dogs for day visits, but please ensure that you have your Greenhound on lead at all times.

Don’t just assume that there are going to be dog-friendly beaches around or that every beach will allow dogs.

7)      Greenhound collar & tag

No matter where you travel to in NSW, please remember that it is a legal requirement that your Greenhound is wearing its Greenhound collar and tag if he/she is in a public place and not wearing a muzzle.