My greyhound has passed their what?

If your greyhound recently passed their Greenhound assessment, here's what to expect in the coming weeks.
My greyhound has passed their what?

Congratulations if your greyhound has just passed their muzzling exemption assessment!

Here is a brief run-through of what happens from this point in time.

Please keep in mind that Greenhounds is only staffed on Tuesdays and Fridays for Greenhound administration.

1) Paperwork returned to Greenhounds

 All paperwork must be received by Greenhounds BEFORE we can start processing your muzzling exemption. Please ensure that you have your workbook signed off by your Greenhound assessor on the day and either send it to us as soon as possible. Your Greenhound assessor may be happy to take your workbook and send it together with the assessment papers, however we do recommend to follow up with them to ensure that it has all been sent in.

2) Tag ordered & payment processed.

Once we have received all the paperwork, we then put in Greenhound tag orders in batches through an external local tag engraving company. These official Greenhound tags are especially made for us and have to display the last 6 digits of the dog's microchip and need to be attached to your Greenhound collar for the muzzle exemption to be valid. The time taken for the tags to come back to our office is purely dependent on the external company and can vary.

Payments are processed within a week or so of tag being ordered.

3) Companion Animals Register updated

Please keep in mind that we are only available on Tuesdays and Fridays and have to wait until all paperwork (assessment papers from the Greenhound Assessor AND workbook from owners) is returned before we are able to process the Greenhound muzzling exemption for your hound once he/she has done the assessment.