Enrolment Tips

So your greyhound is ready to become Greenhound? Here are some tips to prepare you for the enrollment process.
Enrolment Tips

We understand that most owners are very keen to obtain a Greenhound muzzling exemption for their new greyhound and to ensure that we can get your workbooks out to you as efficiently as possible, here is a quick reminder of the pre-requisites that must be met before we can issue out a workbook for your hound. 

Please note that if a pre-requisite has not been met at time of enrolment, you will need to inform us via email once you have completed it as we do not receive notification of it otherwise.

1) Your Greyhound MUST be desexed and microchipped

If your greyhound has an earbrand in one or both of his/her ears, this means that he/she has been registered with the racing authorities. Although he/she may have a microchip, this does not necessarily mean that the microchip has been put on the Companion Animals Register (CAR) as they are not required to until they have been retired as a companion animal.

The best way to check whether or not your greyhound's microchip number is listed on the CAR is to contact your local council and they should be able to let you know.  

You will also need proof of desexing to lifetime register your greyhound with the local council.

2) Your Greyhound MUST be legally owned by the person enrolling.

If you have not received notification from the council that your greyhound is legally owned by you, we will not be able to issue out a workbook. You should receive a letter from the council once they have processed the change of ownership into your name. The ownership of your greyhound will reflected on his/her record on the CAR.

Please follow up with the program/organisation/person you have adopted your greyhound from if you are unsure or haven't received confirmation from council.

3) Your Greyhound MUST be Lifetime Registered with the local council.

Please check whether your greyhound has been Lifetime Registered with the council. You can check with the program/organisation you have adopted your greyhound from whether or not that is included in his/her adoption fee.

If he/she has not yet been Lifetime Registered yet, you will need to bring a copy of your greyhound's desexing certificate with you to your local council and fill out a Lifetime Registration (R2) form. There is also a fee associated.

Please refer to this website for more details (https://www.olg.nsw.gov.au/public/dogs-and-cats/information-for-the-community/microchipping-registration)

Provided that the pre-requisites listed above have been met at the time of enrolment, we should be able to issue a workbook for your greyhound to complete and hopefully go on to successfully obtaining their Greenhound muzzling exemption!

Please keep in mind that we are only available during business hours on Tuesdays and Fridays.